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Simple Irregular Dots Light Blue non-woven wallpaper is a minimalist and modern pattern consisting of irregularly spaced dots in a delicate shade of blue. This is a simple but effective wallpaper that adds freshness and subtlety to the interior. The delicate shade of blue is pleasing to the eye and fits perfectly into many interior styles, such as modern, Scandinavian or minimalist.

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The IRREGULAR DOTS wallpaper looks a bit like deer hair, a bit like cheetah colors, and a bit like... rain. This is a lovely wallpaper, one of our favorites. Such a "cut" wall behind the bed in a children's room is a great background and gives a lot of scope for arranging the room. Oh, and when we showed it to our little clients for the first time, EVERYONE shouted: That's great!


The wallpaper is divided into strips (blocks):

Height: 280 cm

Width: 50 cm

The price given is for one piece.

The strips are suitable for any standard apartment - the slope is a maximum of 20 cm in height.

Ordering striped wallpaper is faster and easier. Just measure the wall and order the number of strips that suits you. There is no need for long-term consultations or measurements of the wall down to the millimeter. You can't make a mistake, underestimate or overlook anything here.

Narrow wallpaper strips ensure that the wallpaper fits almost perfectly to the width of the wall. And the looped pattern - each of the stripes looks identical - makes the pattern elements fit perfectly on the wall if we glue the wallpaper from the ceiling (on a wall without slopes, of course). Thanks to this, there are very few surplus materials.

Non-woven paper, without glue. The paper is 100% matte. We print the wallpaper in strips that fit together perfectly. We glue the wallpaper one strip next to the other, with a tangent line (the stripes do not overlap). The material is certified non-flammable and meets all European Union requirements. Appropriate PVA glue should be used for application (we recommend the one from Flugger, no. 377, fantastic! - this is not an advertisement, we have used products from several manufacturers and it has a great consistency, making installation very easy.)

In the case of non-standard wall dimensions, it is possible to order individually (made to measure). In such situations, please send a message to info@happybarok.pl

Please note: before applying wallpaper - and any wall material - please prime the wall thoroughly and clean the surface from dust or grease. Please note that wallpapers can only be glued to walls after approximately 20 days from the last painting.

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