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Midnight Warrior structural photo wallpaper from Wallcolors with a fashionable exotic, Japanese motif. Perfect for both modern and classic interiors. Call and save. Order custom-made wallpaper.

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The Midnight Warrior wallpaper from Wallcolors brings the atmosphere of ancient Japanese legends and samurai courage to your interior. Designed to add character and depth to any room, our wallpaper is printed on high-quality materials for durability and color intensity. Installation is simple and quick, allowing for an easy transformation of your home.

Artist: Olga Mulica

Wallcolors creates original, high-quality wallpapers and wall decorations. Their products are made of a revolutionary self-adhesive material or thick vinyl material, placed on a non-woven backing and mounted with additional glue. The wallpapers are characterized by exceptional quality and original patterns that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Call and save. Order custom-made wallpaper. Ask about available discounts.

We adapt photo wallpapers to the dimensions of the wall, please send an inquiry before purchasing to order@monkeymachine.pl or contact us by phone: +48 601989344


Available structures:

  • PROWALL Eco is a new product in the Wallcolors materials offer. Non-woven wallpaper without PVC - 100% eco-friendly. It is a material of the highest quality, durable and scratch-resistant, with a deeply matte, smooth structure showing non-woven fibers weighing 220g.
  • PROWALL SAND - vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven backing is a material of the highest quality, durable and scratch-resistant. Sand texture has the structure of coarse sand with a delicate shiny effect. Semi-matte material with a coarse sand structure, weight 330g.
  • PROWALL CANVAS - vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven backing is a material of the highest quality, durable and scratch-resistant. The Canvas texture imitates a thick painting canvas. Semi-matte material with a canvas structure, weight 330g.
  • PROWALL CONCRETE - vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven backing is a material of the highest quality, durable and scratch-resistant. The texture of the Concrete material resembles the structure of concrete. Semi-matte material with a concrete structure, weight 330g.
  • WALLSTICK - self-adhesive, textile material of the highest quality enabling repeated use and quick installation. Fully repositionable self-adhesive wallpaper, textile material, semi-matt with a linen structure, weight 180g. ATTENTION! Wallstick wallpaper should not be applied to ceramic, latex, stain-resistant, washable paints or any poorly adhesive surfaces.

How to calculate the amount of wallpaper needed?

With a wall size of 260x265 cm, we need 6.89 m2 (enter the quantity 6.9 m2 and add it to the cart. Enter the size of your wall in the order notes).

The wallpaper is created especially for you, each product is made to order.

If you want to see the exact colors and test the fabric, order a sample

You will receive the sample in two sheets. One shows the entire pattern (reduced in size) and the other shows the actual scale of the pattern.

Good to know:

  • The wallpaper is prepared with a 5cm / 2in margin - if your wallpaper has been prepared to a non-standard size, we have enlarged it on each side by 2.5cm / 1in to ensure full coverage of each wall edge and to avoid possible differences caused by the unevenness of the wall or an error in measurement.
  • Check the type of material and the connection of the wallpaper panels - before applying the wallpaper, check whether the material complies with the order, as well as the connection of the panels and the colors. If the wallpaper has manufacturing defects, file a complaint before installation. Wallpapers with manufacturing defects are not subject to complaints after installation.
  • Contact Bonding - all our wallpapers are prepared according to the contact assembly standard (EDGE to EDGE).
  • Cleaning Wallpapers - wallpapers not protected with the WET system should be wiped with a damp cloth, never scrub or use aggressive detergents. After being protected with the WET system, the wallpaper becomes resistant to more intensive washing.
  • Joining several walls - the wallpaper is not matched to individual walls, as standard the wallpaper is divided into equal panels. The excess on the left side is 2.5cm / 1in, the excess on the right side is not less than 2.5cm / 1in, determined individually.

Remember the wall must be:

  • Free from cavities
  • Degreased
  • Primed
  • Dry
  • Dust-free
  • In the case of walls in the wet zone, the wall should be covered with waterproofing
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